Walk to the village of Pignano

The walk to the village of Pignano is the fastest among the trekking you can do starting from our villa, the duration is about 30 minutes, it starts from car park of our villa and you get to the two ponds.
lake-of-pignanoContinuing uphill cypress avenue, you will encounter some lodges until you reach the villa of Pignano, at this point you can go to a small road on your right that will take you into the forest with the old quarry into disuse (from where it was extracted the stone to make all the nearby houses and the Roman theater stairs of Volterra)
or visit the village with its walls dating back to the year 1000. In the village you will find the Church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle in Pignano and the main villa but is private and can not be visited.
Head back to the villa Ginepraie the main road, on the right you will see the handling of Pignano, the rows of vines, then on your right you will find a bucolic and ancient cemetery. Continuing you will find the fence with pigs
Continue until you come to the road leading to the villa
This walk can be expanded to include visiting other farms.

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