Villa in Tuscany Easter half board, massages and yoga

Easter in Tuscany villa with massage and Yoga
Rent villa in tuscany for easter half board service

Villa in Tuscany at Easter rent with half board formula, free Yoga lessons and massages by the pool, under the pergola, in the massage room or directly in your room.

This villa that we offer for rent in April for Easter and Easter Monday is a 500 square meter farmhouse from the 1600s that has been completely renovated while maintaining the typical characteristics of Tuscan farms.

This Easter villa for rent is on 2 levels with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 living rooms, a large panoramic pergola, a loggia with a wooden table and a fenced and panoramic swimming pool that we will let you find open for Easter. .

This Tuscan villa is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday in April with your friends or family in the heart of the Tuscan hills.

The villa also has a charging station for electric cars that guests can use for free

Anti-stress offer for villa rental in Tuscany at Easter

The rental of this villa that we offer includes the half board service, so with this solution you will enjoy total privacy as you will be the only tenants of the farmhouse but at the same time you will not have to think about cooking, we will take care of that.

If you need a domestic help to be even more relaxed, we will call you, trustworthy cleaning ladies.

Every morning, weather permitting, Valerio, Yoga instructor, will hold yoga lessons to all those who want. And if you are still stressed at your disposal all day you can book a massage to choose between the relaxing Swedish and the energizing Thai one.

Activities to combine with the anti-stress offer for the villa in Tuscany at Easter

If the things we have proposed do not fully satisfy you, here is what we propose other activities:
1) walks along the numerous paths that start directly from the villa
2) horseback riding (we know 3 riding schools, the closest is only 500 meters from the house)
3) wine tasting with sommelier in the villa
4) wine tour by minibus with driver
5) quad bike rides
6) cooking lessons

We therefore offer you an unforgettable holiday in a villa in Tuscany at Easter for rent exclusively for you with all the services to make you relax and thus be able to spend an anti-stress Easter.

For more information you can contact us by email at and by phone 338-2138464
Official website of the Tuscan villa for rent at Easter:

Villa Volterra in Tuscany 7 people

rent villa volterra 7 people
Rent villa volterra in tuscany 7 people

Villa rental in Volterra for 7 people who want to spend their holidays in Tuscany in total privacy.

The 7 people who will rent this villa in Volterra will have large spaces at their disposal, starting from the 500 square meter house on 2 levels.

The 5000 square meter garden with spectacular panoramic views will allow you to relax after the days spent seeing the fantastic Tuscan villages.

The dirt road to go to reach this villa is only 800 meters in an impeccably maintained way, so you will not risk ruining the suspension of your car.

This villa in Volterra for 7 people is located in a unique context, the whole area is a reserve that was owned by Marchesi, in fact even today this area is considered the noble countryside of Volterra.

ADVANTAGES of renting this villa in Volterra for 7 people

  1. The first advantage is certainly that of being able to have a large villa in Tuscany with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 3 living rooms, a large pergola, a beautiful loggia, a stone oven and a swimming pool
  2. The panoramic swimming pool of this villa in Volterra will allow all 7 people to fully enjoy this place, the pool is disinfected with electrolysis, has night lighting, teak beds, chairs and a table.
    it is also fenced for the safety of children
  3. The ancient stone oven will allow you to prepare bread and pizzas
  4. Being this Tuscan villa in a reserve you can easily see roe deer, foxes, wild boars, hawks, squirrels, hares, badgers, stone martens, porcupines …
  5. The villa has a free charging station for electric cars for all guests of the villa
  6. There are also numerous services we offer for guests: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, tastings, cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, poolside massages, wine tours, horse riding …

So if you are seven people and you want to rent a villa in Volterra this is the one for you !!

You can request information for your holidays at Villa Le Ginepraie in Tuscany:
By phone at the following numbers:
By e-mail to the address:

Villa in Tuscany with free charging for electric cars

rent villa tuscany free electric charging for cars
Rent villa in Tuscany with free carging for eletric cars


Villa rental in Tuscany with free charging for electric cars for all guests who will rent our villa.

free tuscany electric car column
Charging station for electric cars

Our electric car charging station is type 2 and can charge both Tesla cars and electric cars of other brands.

With this column you can safely recharge your electric car when it is parked at our villa, obviously this service is free for our guests

We have decided to install this station for electric cars in order to offer an additional service to guests who decide to rent our villa in Tuscany.

In fact, every year we have Tesla electric car owners as guests with the need to be able to recharge their cars when they are in our villa with swimming pool.


rent tuscany villa pool by owner
Rent villa in tuscany with pool

The villa with column to recharge your electric car in Tuscany has a maximum capacity of 10 people but can be comfortably rented by smaller groups.

The villa has 5 comfortable bedrooms with bathrooms on 2 floors, a large pergola, a beautiful loggia, an enclosed panoramic swimming pool and a 5000 square meter garden.

As you can see from the photo, the villa is located between hills, fields, woods and lakes in Tuscany and can be easily reached with a well-kept road that connects it to the state road.


relaxing massage in Tuscany
Massage by the pool

As we wrote above, the charging station for Tesla model electric cars and more, is a service that is offered free of charge to all guests of the villa.

Among the other services we offer you will find:
The catering service on request for guests only, which includes breakfasts, lunches, tastings and dinners.
Cooking lessons
Massages by the pool or under the pergola
Free yoga classes
Additional domestic help
Horse riding

In conclusion, if you have an electric car and want to rent a Villa in Tuscany this place is for you !!!

Paola and Valerio are at your disposal for any need.
The address of the villa’s official website is:
you can contact us by email at

Rent Villa in Tuscany pool for 7 people

Rent Villa in Tuscany with private pool for 7 people, suitable for families with children or groups of friends seeking total privacy in an exclusive environment

This villa can comfortably accommodate 7 people, maybe 2 families with children. Adults and children can have their own independent spaces and their own privacy.

Rent villa in Tuscany with swimming pool, as you can settle in 7 people

When you rent this villa in Tuscany with swimming pool, the two couples can take the two spaces on the first floor, of 90 square meters each, each couple will therefore have a large living room with fireplace, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

The children can stay on the ground floor which has three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a living room and a large kitchen where the 7 people can cook all together.

Obviously it is not necessary that you are a family to have to book this villa with swimming pool in Tuscany, if you are a group of 7 friends perhaps with 2 couples, you can comfortably stay in the 5 large rooms of the villa

The common areas that guests can use are also exceptional:
1) The pergola flagship of the villa, with its panoramic view, its large wooden table and its outdoor sitting area is a place where you will surely spend a lot of time
2) the loggia, another important common area of the villa with a large wooden table useful for eating together on rainy days
3) The large garden of 500 square meters with panoramic views on all sides will make you fall in love even more with this villa in Tuscany
4) the beautiful panoramic and fenced pool will then be the icing on the cake when warmed up by your daily excursions you will refresh yourself in its waters disinfected with the electrolysis method.

SERVICES for 7 PEOPLE who rent villa in Tuscany with swimming pool

Personalized breakfasts, lunches and dinners
Free cooking lessons
Free yoga lessons
Massages by the pool or under the pergola
Wine tour
Sommelier in the villa
Horse riding (riding stable just 500 meters away)
Kilometers of walks starting from the villa

Why rent this villa in Tuscany with swimming pool for 7 people

The main reason why you should rent this villa in Tuscany with swimming pool with your friends or relatives is the fact that you will not only enjoy the total independence and privacy typical of holiday homes but also because you can enjoy the services and activities of a hotel while always maintaining your total independence.

For any information you can contact us at
and you can see the official website of this villa

Rent Tuscany villa by owner

rent tuscany villa pool by owner
Rent your villa in Tuscany with swimming pool directly from the owner without agency costs

Rent Tuscany by owner, No agencies or various intermediaries. You will be sure to pay with complete peace of mind by bank transfer or credit card and to receive a regular invoice.

Since 2006 we have been renting this villa in Tuscany with swimming pool with the possibility of booking it without having to pay commissions to intermediary agencies, we guarantee maximum reliability and safety.

If you have any doubts or concerns you can see the numerous reviews that guests have made over the years.

But let’s talk about this villa that we rent from private to private:

The house dates back to 1600 and has been completely renovated while maintaining the characteristics of the typical Tuscan country villas.

This villa with swimming pool is located in a small hill of 5000 square meters with a 360 degree panoramic view of the reserve, yes, you got it right, a reserve !!! Because this old farmhouse, despite being a few meters from the main road, is located in a unique context with roe deer, foxes, wild boars, hawks, badgers, squirrels …
Look at the villa on gogle map:

The villa is on 2 floors with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, it can be rented by a family or friends.

Let’s go now more specifically, let’s see the interiors and exteriors of this villa for rent from private to private:

INTERIORS of the villa in Tuscany

rent luxury villa pool in tuscany
Interior of the villa in Tuscany rent by owner

This Tuscan villa has 5 large spaces with kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms for a total of 400 square meters, all rooms have windows with breathtaking views, guests can enjoy great privacy but at the same time can enjoy common areas to spend the vacation
Read more about the interiors of this villa

EXTERIOR of the villa in Tuscany

rent villa pool service staff
Pergola of the Tuscan Villa with swimming pool and staff always available

The exterior of the villa with swimming pool consists of a large loggia, a pergola with table and living room, a panoramic terrace, a fenced pool, a stone oven and, as we said, a large garden.
Read more about the exterior of this villa

SERVICES of the villa with swimming pool

relaxing massage in Tuscany
Relaxing massage by the poo of tuscan villa

There are numerous services that we offer for this villa in Tuscany for rent from private to private,
The restaurant service with breakfasts, lunches and dinners on request, free yoga lessons for guests,
masseur available, service staff on request, tastings, wine tours, horse riding
Discover all the services and activities we offer

Book your villa in Tuscany by owner

To book our villa or simply to ask questions or request a quote without obligation, you can contact us by e-mail at and visit the website
We are always at your disposal !!!

Sensational villa rental in Tuscany

rent sensational villa in tuscany
Sensational villa in Tuscany with pool

Sensational villa rental in Tuscany with panoramic swimming pool overlooking the hills. The property is rented in its entirety, so you will be the only guests staying there.

You can find many villas in Tuscany with swimming pool, but this one has an incredible panoramic position with a 360 degree view, you will admire both sunrise and sunset.

With its 500 square meters arranged on two levels, this villa for rent in Tuscany can be comfortable for families and groups of friends.It is in fact suitable for groups of 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10 people as you can modulate spaces such as favorite.

“Villa rental in Tuscany” this title you will have found many times, but what makes the difference?
here are some strengths that we want to show you

Villa rental in Tuscany, strengths:

  1. Independent villa with private garden and staff available
  2. 5 large bedrooms with private bathrooms
  3. superb view over the Tuscan hills
  4. very little dirt road to go and proximity to the state road that connects Volterra Colle and San Gimignano
  5. private swimming pool cleaned every day at your complete disposal
  6. large garden of 5000 square meters for your exclusive use
  7. Villa inserted in a unique context as it is built in a reserve
  8. large panoramic pergola of 60 square meters with wooden table and lounge
  9. ancient loggia with large wooden table
  10. stone oven for making bread and pizzas
  11. villa located in the center of Tuscany so convenient to reach all the major centers of interest

Discover the interiors and exteriors of this villa in Tuscany

This is why we wrote sensational in the title, but if these reasons have not convinced you yet you can see the numerous reviews written by guests

Paola and Valerio, the owners guarantee a family management but at the same time professional, and do everything to make your stay unique and unforgettable, after all it is thanks to you that they can live in a unique context like the one in which this villa is located in rent.

Villa rental in Tuscany, unforgettable experiences

  1. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners directly in the villa with breathtaking views
  2. massages by the pool or under the panoramic pergola
  3. free Yoga clases in the morning in the garden of the villa
  4. horseback riding in the reserve
  5. walks to abandoned villages not far from the villa
  6. wine tasting with sommelier directly in the villa
  7. visit to the cellars by private van
  8. tasting of Tuscan cured meats and pecorino cheeses
  9. quad rides
  10. visits to the village farm with horses, pigs, bees, hens
  11. chance to spot wild animals such as roe deer, foxes, wild boars, hawks, porcupines …

Discover all the experiences we offer for a unique and unforgettable holiday in Tuscany

For more information you can visit our website: and send us an e-mail to