Volterragusto – white truffle in Volterra

Volerra gusto White truffle 2017
Our villa in Tuscany is pleased to announce this unforgettable event that will take place in Volterra on 21.22, 28 October and Wednesday, November 1st:
Volterra Gusto, October 21 and 22, and again from Saturday 28 October to Wednesday, November 1, Volterra (PI) renews the appointment with VOLTERRA GUSTO, a historic event now a must for all enthusiasts of Tuscany’s food and wine excellence.
It will be a very special edition that this year the organizers propose:
theme “ORIGINE TERRA”, with a schedule of initiatives that will allow visitors to mix tastings and tastings of local specialties and not just presented by producers.
“Diamond Point”, the highly anticipated WHOLE TARTUFO MARKET SHOW AND THE TYPICAL PRODUCTS OF HIGH VALDICECINA, to edition number 20, with the possibility of discovering a unique architectural and cultural heritage, fruit of centuries of communion between Etruscan and Roman presence and medieval.
Heart of the event will be the Logge Palazzo Pretorio in Piazza dei Priori, but as of now tradition VOLTERRA GUSTO will confirm its itinerant formula with exhibitions and gastronomic itineraries that will touch various places in the city: Palazzo dei Priori, the Cloister of the Minicipal Art Gallery of Palazzo Minucci Solaini and Saletta Via Turazza and beyond.
Guided tours of the area’s truffles are also planned, the Palio dei Caci Volterrani (event included in the regional register of historical re-enactments), the second edition of the “Vineyard in the vineyard” between the vineyards and the hills of the area,
Not forgetting the appointment with the Jarro Prize, which is dedicated every year to those in the professional field who have distinguished themselves in the spread of the culture of the good table.
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Volterragusto sees the Focolare Palace of the Priorities of Volterra as the fulcrum.
We will soon publish the detailed program, daily events, meetings, shows and activities related to white truffles and local products from the High Valley of Cecina.

Please note that our villa in Tuscany organizes for guests of the villa the “Truffle Hunting”: An expert truffle hunter will take a walk in the woods and show you how the dogs are able to find truffles.
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