Villa for rent in Tuscany 10 people

rent tuscany villa 10 people
Villa for rent in Tuscany for 10 people
between Volterra and San Gimignano. This ancient country villa has been lovingly restored maintaining all the features of a long time. The villa is located on 2 floors, on the first floor there are 3 bedrooms with double beds for 6 people, on the first floor you access via ancient stone stairs there are 2 bedrooms for another 4 people. 5 are the bathrooms of villa for rent, 3 kitchens and 3 lounges.
The 10 people who will rent this villa will be able to stay together in the common areas and keep their privacy as this villa is divided into 3 apartments and 2 rooms.
If the 10 people who rent this villa have 2 children, they will have 2 sofa beds on the first floor.
The villa has a large panoramic garden with a beautiful 12 meter pool for 6.
Guests of this villa will be able to enjoy various activities and services including breakfast, lunch, dinner, cooking lessons, yoga ….
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Villa in Tuscany 10 sleeps


Tuscan villa rental with 10 beds in the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October.
The farmhouse is located between Volterra and San Gimignano in a hilly position with a beautiful panoramic swimming pool from where you can admire the panorama of the Tuscan hills.
The cottage for rent is located on two floors with 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 3 living rooms and 3 kitchens, on the ground floor we find the loggia, 3 bedrooms, the largest kitchen, a sitting room and 3 bathrooms. Climbing the ancient stone stairs you reach the first floor with 2 lounges, 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
The Villa has a 5000 square meter garden.
For the security of our guests we have put in the anti-theft and surveillance cameras.
For more info on the house visit this page: Rent Tuscany villa
In the picture above you can see the summer Villa with swimming pool
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