Villa in Tuscany with panoramic view

Today we publish some photos where you can see the panorama from our Villa for rent .
” Finding a villa vacation rental may not be easy , many times the pictures look beautiful and then arrived at the scene it turns out that the house is rented and booked online in a context different from that described .” For these reasons, over the years we have published many photos of our villa , to show you the privileged position in which it is located , today we publish some where you can see the 360 degree view from the villa you will enjoy
Almost all of the photographs were taken during these days:

panoramic view villa in tuscany
In this photo taken towards the north- west you can see the view of those who have guests from the pool of the villa.
At the bottom center you can see a long row of cypress trees leading to the village of Sensano , our pool has a size of 5.5 x 12 meters with a depth varying from 1.40 to 2.20 meters . Every morning in the pool is put the little robot that cleans up in 2 hours around the bottom. Every morning also checks the levels of chlorine and ph .

hills in tuscany
In this photo you can see the view from the house looking north . After all , in the woods there are many deer that come out at dawn and dusk to graze on the field . ( Watch the video of deer in the villa)
All guests without too much difficulty can watch this show .

veranda of the villa east view
This photo was taken from the porch in the summer of Paola and Valerio in an easterly direction , you can see on the left the durum wheat field , while on the left the row of cypress trees leading to the holiday cottage .

view of the Villa near little lake
If you look to the south, from our house you can see this pretty lake, this photo was taken towards the end of summer, in fact, on the left you can see the plowed field, in celo can observe the typical clouds arriving around September

panoramic west view of the villa
With this last photo, taken in the west we hope to be able to give you an idea of the beautiful panoramic view of 360 degrees that you can get in this cottage rental, as you have seen around us are fields, woods and a small pond.
This house is located in a reserve , looking at the view will not be difficult to see depending on the season , deer, foxes , wild boars, hares, porcupines , squirrels and numerous birds including the hawk.

Paola e Valerio
Villa le Ginepraie
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Farmhouse in Tuscany rental for Christmas

Farmhouse in Tuscany rentalFor your Christmas holidays, we offer the rental of our farmhouse in Tuscany.
At the villa for rent so you can gather with your loved ones to spend the holiday season together. The house can accommodate 10 people in 5 double bedrooms with bathroom. In the villa there are three working fireplaces that you can use to create a better atmosphere.
The house is on 2 floors with a total of 400 square meters, the property is placed in a reserve is 12 km from San Gimignano and Volterra, Siena is 35 … you can also visit the cities of the area or visit the numerous Christmas markets and nativity scenes to be found in various villages of Tuscany The Tuscan villa that we offer at Christmas also be able to offer many services such as, personalized in-room massages, yoga lessons, trekking, horse riding, quad biking and hot air balloon … ..

Rent the cottage 3 nights: 1950 euros in the rental price includes electricity, water, gas, heating, bed linen and towels and final cleaning 2 of 2 bottles of Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Our villa in Tuscany is on Tripadvisor first class villas and farmhouses

For more information on our proposed home for the rent of the house you can visit the website:
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TEL: 0588-35113

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