Tuscany Villa rental

rent villa in tuscany
Tuscany Villa rental
for groups of 10 people.
The house consists of 2 floors with 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 3 kitchens and 3 lounges a beautiful loggia and a large pergola.
The farmhouse has a large garden with a swimming pool and a stone oven. Given its dominant position, it has a 360-degree panoramic view of the Tuscan hills.
The services we offer for guests who rent this cottage are many:
Lunches and dinners
Wine tasting in villa or wine tour
Free cooking demonstrations
Thai massage
Free Yoga classes
Horse riding
and of course lots of relaxation in our beautiful pool
Paola and Valerio are always available to make your holiday a unique one
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10 good reasons to rent our villa in Tuscany

The 2015 season is about to start and the weeks available for rent this villa in Tuscany are starting to diminish. Below we list the strong points of this villa in Tuscany and the reasons for making your reservation now for this villa:
rent villa in Tuscany 1) You can rent a whole villa of 400 sqm with swimming pool and garden of 5000 sq.m.
2) The villa is on two levels and is divided into apartments and rooms to allow guests and family groups to maintain their privacy.
Look at our villa Tuscany
3) The villa has common parts where guests can eat together as the roof terrace, the loggia and the solarium pool
4) This villa is located in the countryside in a reserve with many wild animals but only 700 meters from the main road connecting Volterra to Colle Val d’Elsa.
5) Easily, you can visit cities such as Volterra just 12 km, San Gimignano 15 km, 17 km Colle Val d’Elsa, Siena just 45 minutes and less than an hour Florence. the sea is then about 40 minutes.
6) Another positive side of our villa and on request you can ask for breakfast lunch and dinner. Read all the services of our small restaurant
7) Another important reason to rent this villa are the many activities that Paola and Valerio, the owners propose:
Free lessons of Yoga
Horse Riding
Wine tours
Hot air balloon rides
And quad biking
See all our activities
8) At the time of writing this post are the first on Tripadvisor in our category, we tell this to guarantee the professionalism of our service:
See all the reviews on Tripadvisor
9) Paola and Valerio will be available to you before your booking, after booking and during your stay to give you all the information you need to make your holiday perfect
10) Another important reason is the great discounts that we offer these days for the latest free weeks, discounts of up to 600 euro !!!

Here are the discounts that we offer for the rental of our villa in Tuscany:

In April we still have availability according to the days of stay will be made discounts
In June, we still have available the week from May 30 to June 6 and the June 6 to 13 to rent our villa in Tuscany.For these two weeks we offer a discount of 900 euro a week then you will pay 2000 euro low season instead of 2900 Euros.
In July we have 4 days off from June 30 to July 4, the price that we apply is medium instead of high seasonJuly 11 to 18 and July 18 to 25 we have 2 weeks off where we will make a € 100 discount per week and 300 euro discount for 2 weeks.
For 15 to 22 August latest week offer 100 euro discount for renting the villa Tuscany!
Weeks 5 to 12 and 12 to 19 September discount of 600 Euros 2300 Euros instead of 2900 Euros will pay the price of low season rather than highfrom 26 September onwards we still have availability and we apply great discounts for renting the villa

Paola and Valerio are always at your disposal for any further information and to provide you a quote without obligation.
Web site of the villa: www.leginepraie.com
E-mail: info@leginepraie.com
Phone: 0039-0588-35113
Valerio Mobile: 0039-338-2138464
Paola Mobile: 0039-333-8885857

Castelvecchio San Gimignano trekking

The reserve of Castelvecchio

This reservation is a few kilometers from the villa San Gimignano. The tower of castelvecchio near San Gimignanoreserve occupies the western part of the Municipality of Poggio, a survey of just over 600 meters, which for almost unbroken forest cover, stands on the hills surrounding cultivated. The reserve is known for the medieval town of Castelvecchio, a military outpost in the town of San Gimignano, which controlled the territory from here on the border with Volterra. The remains of Castelvecchio stand on a rocky cave limestone rock that characterizes the entire reserve and which has influenced the morphology and vegetation, especially in the southern tip of the reserve where the waters of the Botri Libaie and Castelvecchio, have dug deep ravines bordered by steep cliffs. The environment is home to wild boar, deer, birds of prey like hawks and Sparrowhawk Buzzard and small rodents such as the dormouse.
church of castelvecchio in San GimignanoFor its natural importance, besides being a natural reserve, Castelvecchio is also a site of Community importance (sic) located inside of the “Habitat” which includes in addition to reserves, much of the hill of the City for a total of 1,114 ha

Borgo di Castelvecchio

This village is mentioned as early as the twelfth century as a fortified settlement pertaining to the bishops of Volterra, and by the end of the ruins of castelvecchio San Gimignanocentury San Gimignano was intended to seize it. By the mid 1200’s San Gimignano exercised its sovereignty over the bishops of Volterra Castelvecchio but continued to demand for a long time, “fodoro”, ancient origin of the imperial tax on every household. The castle suffered a rapid decline as early as in 1458, was inhabited by only seven families. Inside the walls of filaretto, partially preserved, there are ruins of ancient buildings, a tower and a Romanesque church with semicircular apse

Look at the other TREKKING you can do from our villa in Tuscany:







For more information about other treks that depart from our villa you can ask questions to
Villa le Ginepraie


Easter in Tuscany: rent villas Owners direct

Rent Tuscan villa EasterRent Villa in Tuscany for your holiday of Easter which this year falls on April 8 and April 9 for Easter Monday. The cottage is located near San Gimignano and Volterra, lends itself to welcome a group of friends or family who wants to spend in contact with nature, their holidays in April.

Short statement of the house for rent:
400 square meters on 2 levels (capacity 10 -12 persons)
5 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
3 kitchens
3 living rooms with working fireplace and sofa bed
Rooftop terrace
Garden of 5000 square meters

Activities to be performed at Easter at the Tuscany Villa
With the first warmth of spring you can spend an original Easter possibly riding in the numerous trails of the reserve, or hire a quad or a hot air balloon to see the view from a new point of view, to return, weary from your explorations you can have your personalized massage Room or take a free yoga lesson with Valerio.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners directly to Villa
If you do not want to cook you will be amazed by the dishes Paoletta in our little restaurant that is open only on request for guests who rent the house

Easter Monday or Easter Monday
On request we can organize a picnic on Easter Monday with trekking in the many natural sites that are located not far from the cottage, for example we can bring you to the ruins of Castelvecchio, the old deserted village with a church dating back to 1200 without the roof. Or will we bring the girls at the rock on the river Cecina .. montenero or lakes, In the driving environment – a geologist will be happy to find the path best suited to your needs

Prices for renting the Tuscan Villa at Easter and Easter Monday:
3 nights: 1,950 euros heating and final cleaning included + (Free yoga classes)
4 nights: 2,250 euros heating and final cleaning included + (Free yoga classes)
5 nights: 2,550 euros heating and final cleaning included + (Free yoga classes)
6 nights: 2,900 euros heating and final cleaning included + (Free yoga classes)
7 nights: 3,100 euros heating and final cleaning included + (Free yoga classes)

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