Ghiaccione: the river to cool off in summer

In these hot days of July with a peak of 37 degrees, a hike that I recommend to my guests is to visit the river called “Giaccione: Big ice” (the name as you can imagine, comes from the fact that once, in the summer, people the area went to look cool in very cold waters of the river) and they were right, as even in this hot and dry period will find the water that flows down from the falls and you can make a cooling bath.
river fall tuscany
This river is located in a valley, the environment that is created is fresh and relaxing, despite the 37 degrees of these days.To achieve this river must take the road that leads from Chianni to Castellina Marittima, past the first bridge over a small river called La Torre, there’s another over the river Carbonaia, parked the car and go down the path that goes up the river.
tuscan river ghiaccione
After very little you will reach the first waterfall where you can start making the first bath.Continue, and you will feel the temperature down until you reach the second waterfall, “Tonfo degli Ebrei:¬†Splash of Jews” (the legend says that during the Second World War, some Jews had been thrown down by this). Water makes a jump of about 10 meters down a rock face in this place you can do the second swim.

Good Fun!

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