Pool disinfection with electrolysis of salt

Pool electrolysis of salt

Villa le Ginepraie to disinfect the pool uses the process of electrolysis of salt.The saltwater pool runs through the electrolysis process, which separates the salt (NaCl), sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), which being in the water allow the formation of sodium hypochlorite: This disinfectant carries on function oxidant and disinfectant before morphing again into salt. Obviously assemble this facility for our guests who will receive only be beneficial: the slightly saline water, 4 grams per liter, compared to 35 grams per liter of sea water, it is more pleasant and also not having to use the classic products like trichloro and dichloro, is no longer present the isocianuro, a stabilizer present in chlorinated products, due to some drawbacks, however, and in certain toxic concentrations

below you can see some photos of your pool:

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