Villa in Tuscany Self Catering

rent villa in Tuscany self catering
Rental villa in Tuscany with Self Catering formula
Guests who rent this villa will have the opportunity to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners for themselves (self catering), in fact the villa has 3 kitchens equipped with all necessary appliances. Also outside the villa there is a large stone oven where guests can prepare bread and pizzas.
The use of this wood oven is very welcome to guests, as you can see in this post:

The villa has 10 beds, and is normally rented to 2 or 3 families who want to spend time together visiting the villages in the area and why not cook all together. This is why renting a villa with Formula Self catering is becoming increasingly common.
The villa has three tables of 12 places where you can eat, the wooden table under the loggia where you can eat in wind and rain, the mosaic table in the panoramic terrace where you can eat under the stars and the table under the pergola where you can eat in the shade on sunny days.
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