Photo farmhouse in Tuscany: The TERRACE

The “terrace” of the villa has a beautiful view and is located near the farmhouse.
Guests who rent the whole villa can use it when they prepare their own meals
With these photos we will try to make you understand his position:
the panoramic terrace of the farmhouse
In this photo you can see the view that can be seen from the terrace
the terrace of the farmhouse restaurant
Even with this image we try to make you see the view you can enjoy from this place.
the terrace of the villa
This photograph was taken from a window of the house that guests rent
the terrace of the villa

In this photo you can see the terrace.
On nice days, you can dine outdoors using this table that seats 12 people
the terrace of the house
In this photo you can see how the terrace is close to the house, guests who want to be able to use it for eating, enjoying the view of the Tuscan hills.The door at the bottom of the photo is the access to the kitchen of the Alabaster apartment.
the House, the restaurant and the terrace
This last picture makes you see the restaurant, the terrace and the house on the left, at the bottom the umbrellas of the pool.

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