The Roman theater and the Roman baths of Volterra

The Roman Theatre Volterra has come to light in the 50s thanks to the historian Henry Rivers, is a building of the end of the first century BC which is accessed from the top, through two stairs to the summa cavea , from which it passed to map of the Roman theater and the Roman baths of Volterrathe bleachers where they were accommodated with seats made ​​of stone Pignano which is also made our villa that we rent . (the other side entrances were destroyed over time). This theater was the orchestra paved in marble, the scene remained the pulpitum and the structures and of the marble columns of the frons scenae which was 35.98 meters long (122 Roman feet) long and consisted of two floors to a height colonnades than 16 meters. Behind the scene originally ran a long porch , transformed into the following century by the family Caecina (especially the consuls Gaius and Aulus Cecina Cecina Largo Severus, as mentioned dedicatory epigraph of the theater , in the Museo Etrusco Guarnacci ) , with the addition of two side arms , adorned with marble columns with Corinthian capitals and articulated at their center by a esaedra covered in marble .The capacity of the theater should be about 3500 spectators given its size ( diameter of 60 meters by 24 steps) , comparable to other theaters, similar in size. In the later period of the porch was added in a thermal bath. These Terme was The map of the Roman baths of volterraaccessed by a large – stairs (A) with an apse on the one hand, this was passed in frigidarium (B) , quadrangular , with two semi-circular tanks on the sides E and O ; then you went in a different stairs ( C) , paved with mosaic black and white circular motifs and petals to pass in the tepidarium (D) and then in the caldarium (G) , environments with raised floor for the passage of hot air from the furnace (F). On either side of the caldarium (G) , there were three tanks for hot baths . On the side ( E) was the sudatorium heated by a furnace. Even this spa building over time underwent the transformations.
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