The wood oven of the Tuscan Villa

The wood stone oven of Tuscan Villa
The villa we rent with swimming pool, has a wood oven that guests can use to try to bake bread or pizzas.
All the old country farmhouses owned a stone oven where the farmers were cooking once a week Tuscan bread, that if wrapped with cloths, it remains soft for a week.
We renovated this wood oven to allow all guests of the villa, to spend a different evening, a party, going back in time, when our grandparents used it regularly for cooking.
For the preparation of pizza, all must work togetherand in the end serves pizzas that you have done.
You will begin to prepare pasta, (the lazy can buy at the supermarket, we tried it and it is very good) then someone will start searching for the smallest wood to light the fire, you will find that great under the loggia.
Light a fire, maybe with a nice cold beer or a good glass of red wine, and in the meantime between a glass and the other, you can begin to stuff the first pizzas.
After about an hour if you’ve made a good fire, you can start making the first batch, (given that the first peaks always end badly … I do not fill them too, it would be a shame ..)
The time in our oven for a pizza is about 2 minutes, but you have to turn it at least once to make sure that all the edges are cooked in the same way.
You will see that after 2 or three pizzas test, you will start to churn out delicacies.

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