This Villa is a beautiful place to stay in Tuscany

recomended on tripadvisorThis Tripadvisor review was written by guests who have spent a pleasant week at our Villa, they tried the dinner prepared by paola and have made a Yoga class with valerio
Title: A Beautiful Place to Stay in Tuscany
Review: Villa le Ginepraie is amazing. The facilities are unmatched . Many rooms are suites with full kitchens, lounge areas and beautiful bathrooms. The countryside where it is located is incredible.
I have been to many countries and Tuscany is by far the most beautiful of all.
Even more than the villa itself, the owners Paola and Valerio couldn’t be any nicer. Paola is a wonderful chef (I taught culinary arts for 8 years) and provided us with an evening of a dinner that was excellent in every respect. I just can’t say enough good things about our time there. If you are looking for a fantastic experience in Tuscany you won’t go wrong if you stay at Villa le Ginepraie! One last thing, if you are into Yoga, speak to Val who was trained in India. Some of our friends took advantage of this one morning by the pool.
“The “yellow room” was very beautiful and had a great lounge area. So did the “Persian” room.”
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Paola and Valerio
Villa le Ginepraie
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