Town festivals Tuscany in September

We went looking for you all the  Town festivals, fairs, race meetings and events that are held  September in Tuscany , to simplify your consultation we have put in italics and underlined the important parts of the event. If you come to Tuscany in September you can enjoy many local specialties, attend extraordinary manifestations , and visit many villages rich in history .

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But now we leave you to read the 22 festivals that will be held in September in Tuscany:

End of Summer Festival
From 22 August 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the municipality of Seravezza ( lu).
Will be held on 22-25 and 30 to 31 August and 1 September to Querceta and 6-8 , in the municipality of Seravezza (LU) , the Festival of Summer’s End .
The festival offers a menu of dishes typical of the region and beyond, both sea and land . We will find , among others, first as tordelli , and pappardelle pasta with wild boar and fish ravioli , or seconds as roasted pork shank with potatoes, mixed grill , steak beef or pork and fried fish . To finish off the meal with a flourish, the Feast of the Dolce serves every night 30 different varieties of cakes .
Every night , dancing on the large dance marble with the best orchestras , bingo , games and various attractions . The event is organized by the Contrada la Madonnina del Palio of the Jackasses Querceta .

Feast of the Boar
From 24 August 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the municipality of Castelfranco di Sotto
The 33rd edition of the Festival del Cinghiale di Castelfranco di Sotto (PI ) will be held in three weekends of 24 and 25 August, 31 August, and September 1 and September 7 and 8 .
In the menu of the festival stand out dishes such as pappardelle or polenta (a ball ) with wild boar sauce and wild boar with olives. There will be other dishes such as beef steak and pork and grilled sausages .
The food stalls open in the evening from 19:00 and Sunday for lunch from 11:00 . The evenings will be enlivened by dance music played live by orchestras after dinner. The last evening will be closed by a fireworks display , scheduled at 23:30.
The following is the program of this year’s festival :
Saturday, August 24
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the orchestra show Planet Zero
Sunday, August 25
• 11:00 am – Open food stalls
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the orchestra Gabriel De Luca
Saturday, August 31
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the orchestra The Tam Tam
Sunday, September 1
• 11:00 am – Open food stalls
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the orchestra show I Overweight
Saturday, September 7
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the orchestra Dario and Letizia Band
Sunday, September 8
• 11:00 am – Open food stalls
• 19:00 – Open food stalls
• 21:30 – Dance with the band The Fugitives
• 23:30 – Grand Finale Fireworks

Ancient Festival of Pan
From 29 August 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the town of Arezzo (ar) .
The Ancient Feast of Pan , which this year reaches the finish line of the 39th edition takes place from Thursday, August 29 to Sunday, September 1 and from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 September in Monte Sopra Rondine , in the municipality of Arezzo.
The ancient flavors Arezzo are at the center of this village festival , the Feast of the Ancient Skillet, whose first edition dates from the mid 70s deglianni . The site for the event , organized by the local Recreational Club , is the fraction of the town of Arezzo by the name of Monte Sopra Rondine , about 10 km from the provincial capital.
Particularly rich menu: Ribollita , tripe, griffins , pork liver , pork old-fashioned macaroni with sauce and meat nana , nana in pork , wild boar stew , steak, costoliccio , sausages . These are just some of the specialties of the festival , which takes its name from the traditional religious feast of “Our Lady of Sorrows ” , the patron saint of the country. During the festival , within the local farmer for a day in the month of September were preparing many and rich meat dishes , just to ” satisfy their wants .” The fact is that in the rest of the year the consumption of meat was more than limited and therefore very little , because of the constraints under which farmers lived at the time. This wealth of dishes , the event was aptly named the “Festival of Pan ” .
These days, the festival brings to life the precious tradition which is then originated from civilization, at the same time keeping alive the recipes Arezzo and Tuscany. Worth noting that every evening , in collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Association – Delegation of Arezzo, a sommelier will advise on the best wines to dinner.
The event is organized by the Recreational Club of Monte Sopra Rondine , very active throughout the year , for example, in November the same circle sets up a reenactment of rotary cutting and threshing of corn, with dinner of polenta .

Fair Tressa
From 30 August 2013 to 9 September 2013 at Fiera Tressa Monteroni d’Arbia (SI)
The Fair , a centuries-old tradition , will be held from August 30 to September 9 , at Ponte a Tressa , in the municipality of Monteroni d’Arbia (SI ) at the sports facilities .
At the restaurant of the festival will be tasting the typical dishes of tradition. Among these are worth a special mention locio roasted, stewed and stuffed in that they represent the best quality of its cuisine . The appointment is renewed also the stand of turned and fritters , in one of the cakes and crepes as well as at the pizza party .
The Cooperative Cultural and Recreational Facilities in Ponte a Tressa organized a ‘ edition eventful . Do not miss the shows, disco, rallies, and games. It will also set up a playground for children , an exhibition of small and large animals , a hobby , an exhibition of modern and antique farm tools and a car and motorcycle .
The away Friday, August 30th with dinner the districts and sponsors . On this occasion, will be presented the book ” The ancient history of Sant’Angelo in Ponte a Tressa Tressa today ” Codogno of Augustus .
Saturday, August 31 Disco Refreshed by DJ Plankton .
Sunday, September 1 at 8:30 am and for the whole day will be held the 3rd ed. of ” Let’s raise the dust ” – skills test for cross / enduro at 21:30 and dancing in the square with the orchestra Renato Tabarroni .
From 2 to 4 September from 20:00 to 7 Football Tournament between teams of the country.
Thursday, September 5th at 21:30 TRESSA & SPORT – sports performances on the track.
Friday, September 6 at 19:30 Dinner and special DJ set … waiting for the SPAM! and at 21:30 the SPAM in concert.
Saturday, September 7 at 21:30 dancing in the square with the orchestra SottoSopra Band.
Sunday, September 8th at 8:30 am and for the whole day 8 ° Raduno Fiat 500 at 9:00 INBIKE – Gathering cycling for adults and children , at 18:30 33rd Running of the donkeys at 21:30 and dancing in the square with the orchestra Arianna Gera .
Monday, September 9 – Traditional Fair at Tressa – 21:30 hours dancing in the square with the orchestra Rebels .

Festival of Focaccetta
From 30 August 2013 to 15 September 2013 in the town of Batesville (ms).
Appointment in Vaccareccia , in the municipality of Batesville (MS), on 30 and 31 August and 1 , 6-7-8 and 13-14-15 September during the 46th edition of the Festival of Focaccetta .
Just above the village of Oak of Batesville, in the heart of the mountains of Lunigiana, lies the small village of Vaccareccia . Since the late 60’s was the scene of one of the area’s most appreciated gastronomic events , that accompanies the end of summer : the Festival of Focaccetta .
The Focaccetta is an ancient bread typical of the Lunigiana and the area of Batesville in particular. It is made of flour of wheat and maize , and is cooked in the traditional texts of terracotta, on strictly oak wood fire . Has a diameter of about 15 centimeters and a thickness enough content of not more than half a centimeter.
The festival features some of the specialties of the Lunigiana. You can of course enjoy the flat breads , stuffed with soft cheese , sausage, bacon or blue cheese , or sweet with Nutella . Apart from this there will be first, as the typical testaroli , noodles or ravioli topped with pesto sauce , meat sauce or mushrooms, seconds as steaks , pork, chops or sausages and various side dishes , all accompanied by the excellent Vermentino local production.
Saturday, September 7th will be held March straca XXXI , 8 km in the open of our campaign , beginning at 14 and 15 registrations start.
The food stands will be open every evening for dinner and Sunday for lunch . The village of Vaccareccia is easily accessible by car from the motorway exit of Batesville, taking the SS 665 in the direction of Licciana Nardi , following the signs for Oak and then Vaccareccia . By the way you employ just about ten minutes .

Festival Crouton
From 30 August 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the town of Pontefract ( fi)
As every year returns to Santa Brigida , a hamlet of the town of Pontefract (FI) , the Festival of Crouton . The 22nd edition of the festival will take place from Friday, August 30 to Sunday, September 1 and from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th September.
The event is organized by ARCI Santa Brigida , which every year welcomes visitors in the cool of the Florentine hills . The good food awaits patrons of the festival thanks to the restaurant , housed in a terrace both outdoors and indoors.
There will of course croutons . In particular, the Sunday afternoon ( from 16:00 ) will host the Crostinata , where you can revel in 50 different versions.
The food stalls open every evening for dinner and Sunday for lunch . Every day varied program of music and dancing.

The day 1 September 2013 from 15.00 to 20.00 in Piazza dei Priori in Volterra
The Astiludio , whose origins date back to 1406, is the main event organized by the flag bearers of the Historical Group City of Volterra. It ‘an event that every year on the first Sunday of September is repeated regularly in the splendid Piazza del Priori in Volterra. Groups from all over Italy will compete in an exciting carousel flags to contend for the Bravio , a plate decorated by artists Volterra.
The first Sunday of September at 15.15 accurate all the bells of the districts play simultaneously, and it is at that moment that the four marches from many outside the medieval town they head to the streets to begin the tournament .
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Orbetello Piano Festival – In the moonlight
From 01 SET 2013 al 08 SET 2013 from 21:30 to 23:45 at Orbetello (GR)
From 9 August to 8 September, the Orbetello lagoon will host the second edition of Orbetello Piano Festival ” Moonlight ” , a series of classical piano of international scope , under the artistic direction of Maestro Giuliano Adorno .
The entrance to concerts and events is free.
For more info.

Feast of the Boar
From 4 September 2013 to September 8, 2013 in the municipality of Capalbio ( gr) .
It will be held between Wednesday and Sunday 4 September 8 Capalbio ( GR), the 48th edition of the Festival of the Pig .
It is a very historic event at the regional level , since the first edition of the festival dates back to 1965. The event is held every year on the second week of September , and is in conjunction with the Palio of Our Lady of Providence, traditional race among the knights of the Districts of Capalbio
The menu offers specialties of Maremma, in particular game. Among the recommended dishes we mention the wild boar , the ammazzafegati , wild boar , grilled polenta and acquacotta
The food stands will be open daily for dinner and on Saturday and Sunday for lunch . In the two final days of the market is also expected through the streets of the historic center .

Truffle Festival in Section
5 to 29 September 2013 TL (FI)
From September 5 to 29 will be held at Girone ( south of Florence ) , the 29th Truffle Festival with the purpose of financing the activities of the volunteer section of the Blue Cross .
All day starting at 19.30 the restaurant will be open for dinner with specialties of truffles , but not only , there will be music and entertainment, including live music performances.
In the menu of the festival stand out dishes based on truffles , among which we mention as bruschetta or crostini appetizers, first as a white lasagne , noodles or ravioli or seconds as carpaccio of dried beef , steak, scallops , or for those who prefer even pizza , all based on the precious tuber . There will however also other dishes for those who want to try something different .
The food stalls open every evening except Mondays , from 19:30 . Do not miss the entertainment with shows and live music. To get to the place you should obviously the car, but take the bus 14A from Florence directly on the site of the festival
The proceeds from the festival will be donated to Blue Cross , to fund voluntary activities .
Check alternative to the car with the bus 14A from the center of Florence with a stop at 20 mt. by Sagra.
For more information:
Tel 055 691425 – 055 6593969
free parking

Festival of Ranochiocciola
From 6 September 2013 to 15 September 2013 in the municipality of Montespertoli ( fi) .
At Baccaiano of 500 inhabitants in the municipality of Montespertoli (FI) , will take place from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 and Friday 13 to Sunday 15 September, the 7th edition of the Festival of Ranochiocciola .
Organized by ARCI ” La Pinetina ” Baccaiano , the festival sees protagonists , such as easily guessed from its name, the two specialties of the traditional Tuscan food : frog and snail. The recipes are leading the special snails in wet and excellent fried frogs ; pride of place to the recipe of chicken under a brick , this a specialty not to be missed . The festival is the older sister of the Festival of Polliglio Baccaiano always held in the month of May.
The food stalls open in the evening from 19:30 , and on Sunday for lunch from 12:30

Festival of Pomi
From 6 September 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the municipality of Casola in Lunigiana ( MS )
It will be held in Codiponte , in the municipality of Casola in Lunigiana ( MS) , from Friday 6 to Sunday, September 8 , the traditional festival of Pomi , which this year celebrates its 43rd edition .
The festival was founded in 1970 , on the initiative of the Pro site , such as time of celebration not only the cuisine by the parade of floats , now replaced by tractors. Is dedicated to the ‘ apples ‘ due to the presence of a plantation of apples near the ancient proto- Romanesque Pieve . Apples participate in the festival in the form of cakes and pancakes. The period was traditionally one of the collection, or the end of September , was brought forward to the first Sunday in September after moving the start of the schools, which in the past was October 1 .
There are many treats that you can enjoy during the festival , from specialties made ​​with chestnut flour , such as cyan ( pancakes) with ricotta, pattone ( sweet bread ) and Marocche of Casola ( other type of bread ) . There are of course pancakes and apple pies , and the typical sgabei ( fried bread dough and salt ) as required to be stuffed with meats . Further in the menu other dishes like grilled meat, sausages and beans.
The food stalls open in the evening from 19:00 and Sunday for lunch from 13:00 . The parade of floats is scheduled on Sunday at 16:30 . Every evening music and dancing in the streets .

Festival Ranzagnolo
From 6 September 2013 to 8 September 2013 in the town of Grosseto (gr)
Appointment in Marina di Grosseto , in the municipality of Grosseto , from Friday 6 to Sunday, September 8 at the first edition of the Festival of Ranzagnolo .
The ranzagnolo , is the rolling pin in the local dialect , which as you can guess will offer a good selection of home-made pasta . Among the specialties, all of the stands tortello Maremma , but there are other first like gnocchi with ragout normal or wild boar . Among the latter include the wild boar and tripe , to which are added the beef that is grilled pork .
All this will happen at the skating rink in Marina di Grosseto, located in via Montreuil , which will open its doors every evening from 19:30 . After dinner on Friday and Saturday the party continues with dance music. There is no shortage in the program also various sporting events , the festival being organized by Bike – Marathon .
This is the program of activities of the three days of the festival :
Friday, September 6
• 17:00 – Race special children
• 18:00 – Awards competitions
• 19:30 – Opening food stand
• 21:00 – Concert with the Fisorchestra Maremma
Saturday, September 7
• 17:00 – Mountain bike race at Bath Bertini
• 19:00 – Award Ceremony
• 19:30 – Opening food stand
• 21:00 – Opening dances
Sunday, September 8
• 8:30 am – Cycling race average fund
• 17:00 – Cycling race children
• 19:30 – Opening food stand

Polenta , Porcini Mushrooms and Boar
From 7 September 2013 to 15 September 2013 in the municipality of Carmignano (po)
In the two weekend of 7 and 8 and 14 and 15 September will be held at Poggio alla Malva , in the municipality of Carmignano (PO ) , the Polenta , Porcini Mushrooms and Boar .
It is one of the most popular festivals in the area, which collects more than twenty years increasing recognition . The menu of the festival features the delicious flavors of home cooking , declined in polenta , mushrooms and wild boar .
The event is held at the Casa del Popolo Piazza Naldi (corner Via Buricchi Brothers). The food stalls are open in the evening for dinner and Sunday for lunch .

Sagra del Fico
From 7 September 2013 to 15 September 2013 in the municipality of Carmignano (po) .
Saturday, 7 to Sunday, September 15 , in Bacchereto , in the municipality of Carmignano ( PO) , will host the 37th edition of the Festival del Fico, organized by Pol Bacchereto .
The typical dish of the festival are the figs with various meats , true classic Tuscan tradition , but the menu is full of many other specialties , among which we mention here the rabbit, roast pork , spare rib , crostini appetizers , tarts figs, migliacci , etcetera.
Also noteworthy is every Sunday afternoon , the preparation of oil and covaccini with cracklings in the ancient wood-burning oven in the country. Very valid of course the wines , being the finest in the area : the party then you will find white wines, red wine and vin santo Ruspo hills of Carmignano.
The program envisages then also a special ” dish of the day” different every time ; among others we can taste polenta with mushrooms, and penne with fig . The kitchen is open every day of the festival at 19.30 . On Sunday , in the afternoon there is also a handicraft market .
Here is the full program of the festival .
Saturday 7
• Walk 15:00 End of Summer , in collaboration with the Commune of Carmignano , close Brother , history, landscape and tradition, duration approx 3.30 h – Degree diff : easy . Meeting at the large parking lot before the restaurant Il Pinone . 19.00 Dinner at the garden of the Church of Bacchereto . € 13,00 per person. Reservations required Tel 0558750231-0558750252
• 21:00 pm An evening of dance with : ” Villagers ” .
• Dish of the day : Bread soup .
Sunday 8
• 15:30 Opening Stand
• 21.00 Concert with …. The Machine (Pink Floyd Tribute)
• Dish of the day : Rigatoni pasta with rabbit sauce
Monday 9
• 21:00 pm Tournament Trump ( Qualifying ) .
• Dish of the day : Sheep and rigatoni pasta with sheep
Tuesday, 10
• 21:00 pm Tournament Trump ( Qualifying and Final) .
• Dish of the day : Tripe Florentine
Wednesday, 11
• 21:30 pm Exhibition “School of Gymnastics Etruria ” champion of Italy, between jumps and stunts tells the story of Leonardo da Vinci
• Dish of the day : Polenta with mushrooms .
Thursday, 12
• 21:30 pm An evening of music revival with : “Marco Folk” .
• Dish of the day : Rigatoni pasta with wild boar and wild boar with polenta.
Friday the 13th
• 21:30 pm Dancing in the square with : ” The Fourth Line ”
• Dish of the day : Rigatoni with duck
Saturday 14
• 21:30 pm Dance with Live Music : ” Smokout ”
• Dish of the day : Pappardelle with hare .
Sunday 15
• 15:30 Opening stand .
• 21:00 pm Dance with You ” Discover” live disco dance 70/80 years
• Dish of the day : Penne with fig

Festival of the Sheep and Cut
From 14 September 2013 to 22 September 2013 in the town of Campi Bisenzio ( fi)
In the two weekends of 14 and 15 and 21 and 22 September will be held in San Donnino , in the municipality of Campi Bisenzio (FI) , the Festival of the Sheep and Cut .
This is an excellent opportunity to sample some of the cuisine campigiana . In the menu there will be dishes like Tuscan appetizers and cold cuts , first to the sheep and all’arrabbiata , cut balsamic vinegar or rocket and parmesan , grilled sheep , and chips contour .
The food stalls open in the evening from 19:30 . In case of bad weather, the festival will be held indoors anyway .

Montopoli Middle Ages
from 14 September 2013 to 15 September 2013 Montopoli in Val d’ Arno ( PI)
THE STORY : Uncertain is the ‘ origin of the castle that Montopoli , located on the border of the Republics of Pisa , Lucca, Florence and San Miniato , he found himself since the Middle Ages in the struggles between these powerful neighbors. Distinguished by Giovanni Boccaccio defined for both elevated and strategic position for the mighty walls , you remember , from time to time , with the name MONSOPUS , MONS TEUPALIS , TEUPARIA TURRIS , MONTE MATOPALI , MONTE topoli , MONTE TOPARI , MONTE TOPACI . There are those who , with good reason , the etymology of the name derives from Mons tophi , for the composition of the tufa hill .
However, it seems certain that the first building of the place, performed sull’erto hill fortress in defense of and the inhabitants of the area , to happen between 1017 and 1119 , a period when it was built the chapel of St. Stephen Parish later became , thanks the contribution of the bishop of Lucca and the Countess Matilda of Tuscany.
The fortifications consisted of outer moat , from antiporti with chains and the high walls of stone and bricks from which the skilled archers of the castle towers placed in cells with saettiere , they could hurl covered by their arrows against the enemies .
A passion was born forty years ago that the Montopolesi for the Middle Ages , which gave birth to one of the manifestations of the most evocative and enduring in all of Tuscany .
It originates from the division of the village into two peoples , induced by the Mayor Jacopo Albizi in 1412 .
By way of celebration , this will be the historical fact of inspiration for the Commemoration of 2013, which , according to tradition , will close with the inevitable with the Arc Challenge : Five archers representatives of each people will vie for the coveted winner’s Drape created for the ‘ occasion by the painter Patrizia Cerella Volterra .
The appointment for lovers of photography.
Visit the village during the two days of commemoration , capturing everything that strikes you and send us your material. Each photo will be evaluated based on the quality and originality .
The best shots will be awarded and published by the local press !
More information about

Second Edition of the Palio of the Little Archers
Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 18:00 and Sunday 15th all day
In Pieve , at the going down of the sun , the archers receive the customary blessing wishes and offer the gift of votive candles with decorative touches.
At the foot of the Tower of St. Matthew ‘s noise shards … it gives off the festivities and medieval dinner !
Laurel, candles and spicy aromas fill the air and form the backdrop to an evening suggestive rhymes joyous , medieval dances and Fire Games accompany visitors of the night.
During the evening edition of the Palio II of the Little Archers at square Castruccio Castracani .
Sunday 15 all day
At dawn the village is already fervor.
Drumbeats , clarion blasts , knights and ladies are already in march .. the party begins ! There is the chemist with his stills, the scribano with its scrolls, the notary, the ceraio , every ancient craft is able to show the curious visitor .
Sorcery, swordplay , wine, music and merry minstrels enliven the village , waiting for the afternoon performance of the brave archers.
In the natural amphitheater of the Valley of sinks – which offers an evocative glimpse of Montopoli – you can enjoy a real camp with vintage equestrian games : knights in combat armed accompanies us to the delicious feast in the evening.
The detailed program of events and touring shows is available on the website shortly and at the entrance of the event.
And more …
Inaugurated on 14 September, to coincide with the start of the Event , I Contemporary Art Exhibition ” Montopoli in Art – 2013 edition ” .
The exhibition , in collaboration with the association ” IdeArtecav visual arts center ” of Pisa, will be open to the public until September 22, 2013 at the premises of the ” Conservatorio di Santa Marta .” FREE ADMISSION .
Input Reenactment € 5.00
Single ticket , valid on Saturday and Sunday .
For all participants in the medieval dinner on Saturday the entrance is free. Sunday services operate free shuttle bus. For info and reservations
Pro Loco Montopoli in Val d’Arno
0571 / 449024 email:
www.montopoli.netOrganizzatore :
Ass.Turistica Pro Loco Montopoli in Val d’Arno Website:
Email: prolocom@gmail.comTelefono : 0571449024
Fax: 0571449024 Outdoor event Admission : € 5.00

III Festival of White-Green Cacciucco
From 14 September 2013 to 15 September 2013 Ponte a Egola (PI)
The Cultural Association Leporaia organizes the III Festival of White-Green Cacciuccio at our office in Via I ° Maggio, 203 Ponte a Egola (PI) where you can enjoy delicious fish soup made ​​by our excellent cooks !
Saturday, September 14, 2013
20:30 – dinner guest of the evening with the comedian DAVID PRATELLI and live music of the DUO -MANIA !
Sunday, September 15, 2013
12:00 pm – Lunch
19:00 – Animation and games with Sonia
20:30 – Dinner and dancing by the dance school LITTLE DANCE .

Fair Marti
20-22 September 2013 Martinfiera Marti (PI)
Return to the annual fair in the village of Marti with fun for young and old: street entertainment, old games re-enacted , music, dancing , cooking with typical Tuscan dishes and pizza, exhibition of horses and farm animals … Sunday 22 in the afternoon service Shuttle .
association Martinfiera
Marti, Montopoli in Val d’Arno (PI)

Festival of Valdarbia
From 21 September 2013 to 29 September 2013 in the town of Buonconvento ( yes) .
More than just a festival, it is a veritable feast of country that which animates the historic center of Buonconvento during the last week of September. The event is dedicated – as the slogan officer – in culture, gastronomy and entertainment. Like every year, numerous events are planned that will bring the streets of the historic center distant traditions , old tastes , music and fun .
The four districts of the village , Skyscraper , Old Town , and Percenna Stadium , fitting as many taverns where you can taste the dishes dating back to ancient traditions such as Chianina beef stew with onions , tripe del Poggio , the dwarf in pork , noodles september and many other sweet and savory delicacies .

Festival of the White Truffle and Porcini Mushroom
From 27 September 2013 to 29 September 2013 in the municipality of San Miniato (PI) .
Appointment in La Serra , in the municipality of San Miniato (PI) , between Friday 27 and Sunday 29 September, at the 6th edition of the Festival of the White Truffle and Porcini Mushroom .
Two products of all respect those that enrich the menu of the festival which is held at the Circolo Arci Serra . Among the specialties provided on the menu, we mention the lasagna with white truffles.
There will be some side events at the festival : at the moment we are awaiting the final program of the festival .
The food stands will be open Friday and Saturday for dinner from 20:00 and on Sunday for lunch from 12:30.