Volterra medieval festival

Villa le Ginepraie reminds you that on Sunday August  18 th and 25th in Volterra will host the XVI edition of the historical re-enactment set in the year 1398 below what is written on the flyer:

Volterra AD
16th edition
The 16th edition of Volterra AD 1398 has two unforget – table settings: the town centre, with its imposing palazzi and squares, and the Archaeological Park, over which the Medici Fortress reigns. The high point of the programme is the “Festival Day of AD 1398”, on Sunday August 18th and 25th, from
morning to nightfall. On this exceptional day a medieval town comes back to life with its performances, events, tradesmen, artisans, musicians, jugglers, populace and nobles. A unique occasion to experience, as if by magic, medieval times in one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. The town centre comes to life with a never ending past, rich colourful performances and music, while in the archaeological park the countryside comes back to life. The village with its peasant farmers, shepherds, the monastery and monks, the courtyard animals and the military camps welcome the visitors who can enjoy performances with
arms and falconry. A special area will be dedicated to children.

The 18th and 25th of AUGUST
the Day of the 1398 A.D. festival 11.00 to 23.30 Town Centre and E. Fiumi
Archaeological Park Merchants, artisans, musicians, jugglers,
actors, artists, men of law, ladies and knights, monks and peasants, soldiers
and falconers. Hundreds of walk-ons all around the severe towers, imposing
palazzi and churches or amongst the houses of the village or the military tents
in the shade of the Medici Fortress. A unique occasion to be experienced from
morning to night, the magic atmosphere of Volterra in AD 1398.
Il Grosso Volterrano the currency circulating during the Middle Ages was the denaro grosso, simply called “Grosso”. the Grosso will be the only currency in
circulation on Sunday the 18th and 25th during “the Day of the 1398 festival”.
Crafts, food and wine may only be purchased with this currency which will
be available at “the old Exchange office”.Excess money may be converted back into Euro at the Tourist Information until the 09/09/2013.
The value of the Grosso in Euro is: One Grosso, copper coin, euro 1
Five Grossi, gold coin, euro 5 Admission – Euro 10,00 Under 18 and over 60 – Euro 6,00 Children under 10 free of charge
More info: www.volterra1398.it