Yoga class Tuscany villa

Yoga calss in Tuscany Villa
Today we publish the full article in Vanity Fair which says that our Villa is the best place to do yoga in Tuscany:

11 farmhouses in Tuscany that solve the holidays

One for each style: the one with the most beautiful swimming pool in the world, so you have potenzialmenta the chance of passing on the deck throughout the holiday, one for hyperactive children, for diehard romantics, the eco and bio, for aspiring botanists and one from vip stralussuoso

Villa Le Ginepraie is a house of 400 square meters with a swimming pool, divided into rooms and apartments that can be rented entirely for groups of 10 to 12 people. For us it is the best place to do yoga every day are held two lessons, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, both free of charge for guests. meditation is made by the pool, under the veranda of the barn, or you go into the woods and along the river to be more in the nature. Bedrooms 100 euro, 980 euro villa
Vanity 12/04/2013

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