Tuscan thermal baths: Petriolo

tuscany termal waterThe Thermal baths of Petriolo are 40 minutes from our villa in Tuscany can be a viable alternative to trips to the cities, for guests who book our house a week, want to explore Tuscany’s less traveled by tourists mass.
These thermal waters in Tuscany are very ancient, dating back to ‘Roman times and are known for their healing properties, due to the conspicuous presence of hydrogen sulphide, are particularly suitable for those suffering from problems affecting the respiratory system. The water flows Petriolo at a temperature of 43 ° C from the source located on the river Farma with the average flow of 40 liters / sec. In reference to its high mineralization and temperature of the water Petriolo was defined as salt-rich, solfidrica, hyperthermal and thermal waters in the general classification of water falls into the category solfidriche, salt-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy hyperthermal. To enjoy these baths have 3 options:
The first is to enter the modern resort, recently renovated, and the second to go free in the spa under the facility where tanks with stones, you can immerse in water at different temperatures and when you can swim in the cool Farma. The third passibility, in my opinion the best, is to continue for 300 meters on the river taking the baths on the left to get to the ponds where normally there are few people and where you can fully enjoy the quality of the place, because these tanks are formed by deposits of lime and sulfur and so you can make a mud bath and relax.
fangotherapy in tuscanyThe villa in Tuscany that we rent for groups, can organize a day or a half day at the thermal water of Petriolo, putting you in touch with agencies specialized minibus with a driver who will accompany you and bring you back into the country.
Another alternative is to go with Valerio, the owner of the villa, as it is passionate, free will accompany you in this fantastic place.

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