Massages service in tuscan charming Villa pool ownersdirect

massage service in the tuscan charming villa ownersdirectAt our charming villa pool in Tuscany you can rent directly from the owner without agency,  you can enjoy the massage service.
You can book your massage in your room or if you want in the garden or poolside.
The massage service that we offer in villa massage is done with professional and qualified  therapist and beauticians.
Think of a day spent visiting art cities in Tuscany and then return to the villa and find massage therapists to relax your body and if you whant we can arrange  a baby sitter for your children duing your massage. If you want you can take a yoga class and then continue with one of the many relaxing massages and treatments we offer.
Below is a list of massages and treatments offered as services of the villa:

Anti-stress massage
The purpose of this massage is to stimulate the metabolism with the reactivation of the circulation through the muscle relaxing. After just one session your body will start to remove waste products, your tissues will be more oxygen and your hormone levels will be rebalancing

Massage with volcanic stones
The stone massage is one of the oldest remedies used by men, massage can be done with hot stones or at room temperature, in the first case using lava stones heated in water, in the second quartz stones
The benefits you may experience are many:
improvement of joint mobility
improvement of blood circulation

Massage with sea sponges
The sponges possess unique characteristics, the massage with marine sponges in fact intended to stimulate the entire circulatory system, revitalize the skin, improve the pace and venous eliminate stress

Massage with bamboo sticks
This technique is an ancient Indo-China, are used to circumvent this purpose bamboo canes of different diameters are rolled and slid it to drain and relax muscles

Massage with light
This type of massage is very special because it is done with a candle made of shea butter: the candle flame melts the shea butter and essential oils, they radiate warmth and unique fragrances that paid on your body, awaken your senses

Back and neck massage
This is a deep massage to remove tension contractures, and reefs that allows us to have hectic lives.
The effects of massage on the body have a sense of relaxation and better sleep quality

Drainage massage legs
As the name of the massage, its main purpose is to drain the lymphatic system and reactivating blood circulation.
The benefits to be gained, as well as a muscle cool-down are the ‘elimination of toxins through the urine output.

Abdomen massage
The localized abdominal massage is a massage with a view to tighten and relax simultaneously, using finger pressure and particular movements are reactivated all the functions abs.

Tui-na is a therapeutic practice based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in which manipulation is used to stimulate particular spots or areas of the body so as to promote the correct balance of the Yin/Yang energies in the organism.
It is a complete system which includes techniques for muscle massage, traction and mobilisation of the spine and the joints and finger pressure on the Chinese acupuncture spots. Thanks to its deep influence on blood microcirculation and on the lymphatic system, Tui-na can speed up the healing process for conditions like twisted joints or contusions. Moreover, since the nervous system controls the microcirculation inside the organs and is in turn controlled by the skin, massaging specific areas may help regulate the circulation in the inner organs. It is a natural therapy devoid of any side effect which can be coupled with other therapies increasing their benefits. It does in any case strengthen the immune system.
A single massage session helps improve blood circulation, rids the body of unwanted deposits, promotes the functioning of organs and bowels, improves the joint and helps relax the muscles. The massage is given using almond oil together with different essential oils according to which effect we want to enhance: relaxing, energising or draining. Almond oil is well known and used in cosmetics for its mosturising, softening, soothing and nutritional properties. It is recommended for dry or dehydrated skin. Almond oil is rich in proteins, glycosides, mineral salts and vitamins A and B.

Tui-Na Relaxing massage
For the relaxing massage lavander essential oil is added to the almond oil. Lavander, ruled by Mercury, the planet influencing the solar plexus, the nervous system and the head, coordinates body and mind and improves mental faculties. Lavander, although toning up the nervous system, still gives calm and tranquillity. This treatment is focusing mainly on the upper part of the body: head, neck, arms, chest and back. It provides a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. For those who feel a bit stressed.

Tui-Na Energising massage
For the energising massage rosemary essential oil is added to the almond oil. Rosemary is ruled by the Sun, the star giving physical and spiritual heat. Rosemary is tehefore considered to be a replenishing plant, restoring and strengthening the nervous energy. This massage can be of benefit to a person weakened by excessive intellectual work or by the sensorial stress derived from too many hours in close environments with artificial light and computers on, like offices. This treatment is focusing on the middle part of the body and the legs.

Tui-Na Draining massage
In the draining massage, sweet orange essential oil is added to the base oil. The sweet variety of oranges is a “cosmic” food with invaluable nutritional and energising properties. It is rich in bioflavonoids, substances that improve blood pressure and blood vessels tone, helping to solve swelling of the legs. This treatment is focusing on arms and legs.

Tui-Na After-sport fatigue relieving massage
This massage is the ideal complement of physical exercise. It increases the ability to recover from fatigue by accelerating the clearing of the metabolic waste. It eliminates stiffness and cramps.
The manipulations, which involve pulling, compressing, squeezing, frictioning and deep pressure, act on the muscles and tendons in the legs and the back. These manipulations promote and stimulate blood, lymph and energy circulation, generating a sense of lightness and wellbeing which is immediately felt.
Each massage is done according to individual needs and after analysis of the energy tone of the person, therefore every massage is unique and personalised.
(Relaxing, draining or energising massages, can last 50 or 80 minutes according to your preference. The fatigue relieving massage lasts 50 minutes.)

Vibrational Treatment
The vibrational treatment research aims to align your frequency harmonious body and spirit to find inner peace. (Our body is made up of many cells that emit a frequency, when we are stressed or we feel bad the body expresses a change of frequency)

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