Yoga vacation in Tuscany in a charming villa

Yoga is an ancient discipline that is now establishing itself worldwide as one of the most effective tools to ensure both physical and mental, and spiritual fulfillment to human beings of all ages. Valerio Yoga Masters. He graduated at the “School of Yoga & Vedanta Saints Studies” in Kochi in India and gives lessons for guests of the villa Tuscany that they want to.
The sessions of yoga begin with the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) before moving the execution of various postures (asanas). Once these are practiced some breathing exercises (pranayama) and then end with relaxation and meditation.
The tuscan yoga classes, lasting 2 hours, starting at 7.00 am and at 18.00 in the afternoon
The yoga lessons are open to all guests staying in our villa in Tuscany ownersdirect . Our Tuscan farmhouse enjoys a scenic location, you can then open yoga classes using the 5000 sqm garden, immersed in a reserve where you’ll go foxes, wild boars, hares, deer and pheasants, admire the stunning sunsets in the evening, then Vegetarian  dinner in the tavern or on the rooftop terrace of the house at night to admire the incredible starry (thanks to the absence of lights in the area) and then sleep lulled by the sound of crickets, the owls and frogs …. In the morning, the rising of the sun, yoga class, maybe a dip in the pool, breakfast with the delicious cakes of Paola, salads, freshly squeezed orange juice … and you’re ready for the day, more than ever regenerated
yoga vacation in tuscany villa
Private yoga class
At our house you can take classes and private yoga

Yoga Weekend in Tuscany with living in the house ( groups 8-12persons )
vegetarian dinner at the tavern of the house
morning yoga class ,
(According to your needs we can arrange tastings of sheep, the wine tours, visits to cities, trekking, excursions on the Tuscan rivers, horseback riding, mountain biking here is all our activities)
Afternoon yoga lesson in the woods
vegetarian dinner
walk at night to hear the sounds of the forest
yoga class
IF you are a group arriving by air there is the possibility of organizing a bus to take you directly to Villa

Yoga holidays in Tuscany (groups of at least 8 people max 12)
The house can accommodate groups consist of 10-12 people, as it has 5 bedrooms and 2 sofa beds, the house also has 6 Bagi, spacious lounges and fully equipped kitchens enter for more information about the rental tuscan villa
The masters of yoga who wish to rent a house for a yoga retreat in Tuscany for a week can count on the support of Paola and Valerio, with regard to the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, various trips and tours.
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