Shooting stars october 8 2011 tuscan villa ownersdiret

NASA first drew attention to the phenomenon of shooting stars that will be visible from 20.00 pm on 8 October 2011. The cause is, scientists say, by a barrage of dust from space that will last 7 hours and that should give us one of the most interesting shows of recent times.
These shooting stars (actually dust and gas) come from the constellation of the dragon, and are therefore called Draconidi. Every year, these shooting stars hit the ground in October. These stars are also called Giacobinidi because they are linked to the passage that carries the earth in October in the wake of the comet Gacobini Zinner. This year’s event should be quite spectacular as the earth passes in the wake of the comet and for this reason we will have the effect of falling stars above.

Here is our offer to stay in Tuscany the October 8, 2011

Our villa in Tuscany owners direct on October 8, 2011 proposes a romantic evening by the pool with a bottle of chianti, lying comfortably in our beds with mattress, where you can see the stars falling away from any light pollution, for those interested we provide our telescope electronics to better observe the sky.
For the night of ‘October 8 it will keep all the lights off the Tuscan farmhouse, you will be immersed in nature and watch your partner romantically with shooting stars.
If you need to celebrate a special occasion you can rent the whole villa or a part of it, perhaps adding one of our services as a massage in the evening and a yoga class in the morning ….

For more information about a stay in Tuscany villa for 8 October you can contact us by email:
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