Swimming pool of tuscan villa San Gimignano

Here are some photos of thes swimming pool of the villa for rent in San Gimignano in 2012:
The pool of the villa is located between the villa and  the house where the owners live. The pool has a fortunate position because it gets the sun all day and has a panoramic 360 degree views of the hills
Swimming pool villa rental san gimignano tuscany
In this photo you can see the fantastic panoramic view from the pool.
the pool has a comfortable teak sun beds with mattress, table and chairs with umbrellas for shade at any time guarantee
rent villa pool light in the night
The pool of the villa is equipped with night lighting, so you can swim and enjoy the beautiful starry nights in Tuscany
panoramic swimming pool in san gimignano tuscany
Aerial views of the villa, the pool is located between the farmhouse and villa rentals ownersdirect
sunset tuscany villa pool
From the rooftop pool of the villa you can enjoy beautiful sunsets while sitting on comfortable chairs
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