Villa in Tuscany 10 beds

Rent villa in Tuscany with pool for 10 people, the villa has 5 double bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.
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The villa is on two floors and is suitable for 5 couples who want to spend a week in Tuscany or for families with children. Read More …

Certificate of Excellence Tripadvisor 2016

Also in 2016 our villa in Tuscany has received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

For our part every year we try to improve ourselves and improve the villa, this year in addition to free wifi for guests, we have fenced the pool and put the salt electrolysis plant to disinfect the pool water.
Thanks to you we can live in this amazing place, and try every year to make your holidays unforgettable !!
Thanks so much!

Pola, Valerio and the little Viola
Villa le Ginepraie

Pool disinfection with electrolysis of salt

Pool electrolysis of salt

Villa le Ginepraie to disinfect the pool uses the process of electrolysis of salt.The saltwater pool runs through the electrolysis process, which separates the salt (NaCl), sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), which being in the water allow the formation of sodium hypochlorite: This disinfectant carries on function oxidant and disinfectant before morphing again into salt. Obviously assemble this facility for our guests who will receive only be beneficial: the slightly saline water, 4 grams per liter, compared to 35 grams per liter of sea water, it is more pleasant and also not having to use the classic products like trichloro and dichloro, is no longer present the isocianuro, a stabilizer present in chlorinated products, due to some drawbacks, however, and in certain toxic concentrations

below you can see some photos of your pool:

Paola and Valerio are always at your disposal for any further information and to provide you a quote without obligation.
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Free course in Tuscany to learn the 5 Tibetans

5 rituals Tibetans in Tuscany

Villa le Ginepraie offers to all guests who rent Tuscany villa for a week, a free course to learn the art of five ancient Tibetan rites.

During the week you will start to become familiar with this practice and then be able to carry out independently at home.

The Five Tibetans are a number of yoga exercises that were disclosed for the first time by Peter Kelder in his pamphlet “The Eye of Revelation” written in 1939.

In it Kelder says she became aware of the rites by Mr. Bradford, retired Colonel in the British Army, who would have discovered a mysterious and remote Tibetan monastery whose monks were aware of the secret of the “fountain of youth”. The secret consists in the daily practice of five exercises (called “rituals”)

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